Tapestry of Light

by Aqeela Naqvi

There are a thousand women in tall towers of the castles of the world
Staring out of windows so that white horses their eyes might behold
Hoping for some knight in shining armor to come and set them free
Provide them with escape so sunset beauties they might be able to see
Forgetting that a woman’s voice can slay legions of dragons untold
As a woman whose voice rose to claim her inheritance once showed
For the definition of the rights of women begins and ends with Fatima
(The strength of women is a tapestry woven with the thread of Fatima)
There are a thousand women whose hands wipe away tears of a child
Whose arms in times of sorrow provide for them refuge for a while
There are mothers who visit in the dark of night their children’s graves
Yearning to touch the tiny hands of those who in the earth now lay
The moon witnesses these silent soldiers whose grace finds its home
In recalling the courage in the face of suffering one woman did show
For the only woman who has felt such pain yet still soothes is Fatima
(The strength of women is a tapestry woven with the thread of Fatima)
There are a thousand women who give to those who only know how to take
Who are never recognized enough for the selfless sacrifices that they make
Who brave each and every hardship with nothing but an elegant smile
Who ease the pain of others even if they must increase their own for a while
These gallant souls are lionesses that belong to one and the same nation
Whose mission lies in breaking the shackles that prevent mental liberation
For the women who change the world are fueled by the message of Fatima
(The strength of women is a tapestry woven with the thread of Fatima)
There are a thousand women but only one who gives Woman definition
Whose birth itself reversed the appalling state of the female condition
For when daughters were buried simply for the crime of being born
Her father raised her to the sky, and with her smile his heart he adorned
Her husband found relief from all his worries by looking upon her face
In her eyes, visions of love and justice her children gently did trace
A woman whose words were eloquence, whose actions most dignified
With mind elevated, spirit perfected, oppressors she strongly defied
A defender of a message of utmost truth no matter how difficult the trial
Whether tending to the wounds of her father, or those of her unborn child
This tapestry they attempted to destroy, its beauty they wanted to end
Not realizing that with each tear, more paths were made for light to ascend
Not knowing when they crushed this flower, throwing its petals into the sky
Its fragrance, a sweet scented love, would spread until the end of time
I’ve seen a thousand flowers blossom on a thousand trees of the world
I’ve held a thousand stems, but only one has my hand yearned to hold
I’ve tried a thousand keys, but only one has been able to set me free
I’ve seen a thousand views, but only one my heart has cried out to see
I’ve lived a thousand lives in a single moment when the scene did show
The stars humbling themselves in front of this woman because they know
That a thousand mountains bow to the strength of a woman named Fatima
That a thousand suns pale in the glow of the tapestry of light called Fatima
That a thousand breezes cannot whisper enough praises of the life of Fatima
For even a thousand poems of a lover’s heart can never encompass Fatima