soul work

it took Noah 200 years to build the ark.

200 years. 73,000 days. over 1,000,000 hours. of focus, dedication, persistence. from planting the tree to taking the axe to the bark to cutting and fitting and detailing — all the while being mocked and jeered by the masses. but still, pushing on: seeing the grandeur of the tree in the smallness of the seed; the destination in every moment of the journey; defying all odds to create a thing of wonder…

such is the work of the men and women of God.

such is the work expected of each of us.

sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, nothing is changing. in both our internal and external struggles, we become disillusioned too quickly. we give up, right on the brink of success. we may not be able to see the roots of the seed unfurling in the ground, but we must know — they are unfurling. change is happening.

“Soul work is difficult work.”—a wise man

‘soul work is difficult work.’ but it is a divine promise that no effort is exerted in vain. so we must focus, dedicate, persist, pushing on with faith in that promise even when it seems as if all the odds are against us — because there is work to be done and we must be the ones to do it and the rain…

the rain is coming.


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