in this moment

by Aqeela Naqvi

A Mercy Case

In this moment, be where Allah has placed you. Emigrate from the place of your heart full of doubt, and you will find that the next step is all that matters. What makes you think you will find Him on the other side of the ocean when He is with you at this very moment? Will you reach Him at the end of your journey, or is He with you before you even begin walking?

It matters far more where you are going then where you have been. If the last thousand steps have been in the wrong direction, don’t lose hope. You can always turn around. And if you misstep, then you can always regain your footing. In this moment, the next step is all that matters.

Don’t burden yourself with trying to plan it all out. Someone else already has it under control. Remember that the longest journeys only…

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