my teacher, Muhammad (ص)

by Aqeela Naqvi

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my dear muslims. my dear lovers of a religion that is love, nothing but love… these are trying times, i know. times that wear down your bones, leave ash on your skin, yell questions, demand answers, refuse to listen, deaf to your cries, blind to your beauty… i know.

they will call you ‘villain’ a thousand times, pushing you into the dirt, hoping that eventually you might become what they wish you to be. with ‘Izlam’ they will try to make you forget the way ‘Islaam’ once sounded sweet to your ears. the way its melody danced across your senses. the way it cradled you in its arms, speaking to you, moving that vast presence inside you with yearning for knowledge, justice, morality, human transcendence.

they will make you question the song that once took you to heights – fearing the way you bow your head five times daily in front of One and One alone, fearing the way it does not bow, but remains upright in front of them.

they will drag you down from mountain tops with twisted words and cruel names, themselves chained down with ignorance, hoping to take you, too, from the freedom of the sky.

my dear muslims. do not let them do this. do not let them make you forget who you are. do not let them make you live a life in fear. do not let them take your song away.

you are the mighty river; do not let usurpers latching on to handfuls of dirt come and pollute your gently flowing streams.

yours is a legacy of mercy.

so in these times of hatred, hold on to all that one man taught you of love.

remember your teacher.

the true representative of Islam. the single personality who is unmatched in the history of mankind in the perfection of all aspects of human character – including his morality. the possessor of a code of honor such that there was no friend that did not love him, and no enemy that did not – at the very least – respect him.

remember his whisper: live a life of honor, dignity, grace. walk the earth in kindness, love, humility. you were made to soar – spread your wings toward the stars…

when faced with wicked grins, turn away, instead remembering the smile… that beautiful smile, of Muhammad (ص).

For those wish to know what Islam truly teaches, look no further than its last and greatest Prophet – Prophet Muhammad (ص). Hearsay, media, public opinion, is not truth. Do not learn Islam from those who would pervert its message for their own gains. Research on your own. As Muhammad (ص) himself emphasized – think, reflect, analyze with logic and rationality.

Learn the revealed Islam from the man who was its living, breathing, walking, talking manifestation. Learn, from a teacher named Muhammad (ص).

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*(ص) – abbreviation for sallallahu alayhi wa aale hi wa sallam (may the blessings of God and peace be on him and his family), spoken out of respect for Prophet Muhammad when his name is mentioned

“The personality of Muhammad, it is most difficult to get into the whole truth of it. Only a glimpse of it I can catch. What a dramatic succession of picturesque scenes. There is Muhammad the Prophet. There is Muhammad the Warrior; Muhammad the Businessman; Muhammad the Statesman; Muhammad the Orator; Muhammad the Reformer; Muhammad the Refuge of Orphans; Muhammad the Protector of Slaves; Muhammad the Emancipator of Women; Muhammad the Judge; Muhammad the Saint. All in all these magnificent roles, in all these departments of human activities, he is alike a hero.”