simple wisdoms

by Aqeela Naqvi


“Love can neither be bought nor sold –
its only price is Love.”

—simple wisdoms, delivered in letters from the past.
my grandmother, Mummy, to my mother. 1987.

On Contentment—

“Ambition is a noble thing. It’s good to strive and strain. It’s good to struggle and to dream and win your honest gain. It’s good to have a goal in sight as on your way you press, to work and win a rich reward deserving your success…But wisdom is the knowing of the time at which to halt. Beyond a certain point ambition might be called a fault.

What is the use of putting by a fat and plenteous store – we only need sufficient for each day, why strive for more?…Tomorrow never comes they say, this life is swift and brief – and money cannot buy release from death and pain and grief. A handsome balance in your bank may swell your worldly price, but in your zest remember that there are other things beside.

The things that God gave us freely, sun and stars and wind and showers, the trees the seas the mountains and the glory of the flowers…Oh! learn to live for beauty for each and every thing. You will regain your youth and be rich as any king. The gold of Midas could not buy contentment for it’s free – to all who find their joys in peace and sweet simplicity.”

if you can, please recite a Surah-e-Fateha for the soul of my grandmother, Azmi Shah, and for the souls of all those we have loved who have journeyed to the next world.

may they rest in gardens underneath which rivers flow,
and may we find ourselves united with them again soon.