the sun always rises

by Aqeela Naqvi

There are questions to be asked (what, where, why) there are heart-knots to be unraveled (should I, can I, will I) there are puzzles to be deciphered (how will, who will, when will) – and there are answers to be given. But the truth – a truth I am still struggling to learn – is that we will never be able to hear the answers if, before they’re given, we already decide on answers of our own.

If, at twilight, we come upon a vast forest and throw up our hands in defeat deciding it can never be crossed; if we turn to leave, not knowing – had we waited a moment longer for the sun to rise, we would’ve seen that there was a path at the clearing, beckoning our feet all along.

Because there is so much that is beyond our reach, it’s sometimes hard for us to realize that nothing – nothing – is beyond His. At some point in our lives, we have a tendency to stop dreaming, but even if we do, the voice of the universe never does. It continues to whisper its way through the constellations: “If you want something, all I have to do is say Be, and it is.”

But what can be will never truly Be unless we have the courage to let go of a comfortable and safe immediacy, and clasp hands with an uncertain and unmapped possibility.

Reminder to self: the path is there. But unless I can imagine it in the dark, unless I can see beyond what I think it is to what I can imagine it to be, unless I can let go and trust that the path will somehow unfold – I won’t be there to witness it reveal itself when the sun finally rises.

And that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

Because the sun – the sun, always rises.