by Aqeela Naqvi

alone, a traveler in a strange land, I found myself standing before you. like a small child, lost and confused I fell at your feet, stumbling upon the weight of my tears. the labyrinth of sorrows suffocated, twisting unbearable knots in my chest. I was bewildered, not knowing which way to turn.

and then, I felt the tenderness of your hand. your reaching embrace, pulling me into your arms, the soothing whisper, I am with you now, Allah (swt) is watching, everything is going to be alright.

with the touch of a mother you turned my chin upwards, my eyes to meet yours – and oh, such beauty, your face the moonlight, your eyes the stars…


Lady Fatima Masooma (ع) of Qom.

sister of Imam Ali ar-Ridha (ع). daughter of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (ع). granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (ص). and the woman around whose personality rotates one of the greatest centers of knowledge and education in the world, the city that never sleeps in its unquenchable thirst for the perfection of human intellect, spirit, and character.

“(We ask from Allah) not to deprive us from understanding your status…”

we ask Him for the understanding so we may not take lightly the words of your grandfather, Imam Sadiq (ع): “A lady from my children by the name of Fatima will be buried in Qom. Whoever visits her (grave) will certainly be admitted to Heaven…”


Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmūd Mar`ashī Najafī was very interested in finding the exact location of the burial place of Lady Fatima Zahra (ع), and for this purpose he spent 40 days supplicating, so that he could be privileged with this information. On the 40th night, after the completion of his prayers, he went to sleep and in his dream he saw himself present at the grave of either Imam al-Bāqir (ع) or Imam al-Sādiq (ع) (both of whom are buried in Jannat al-Baqī` in Madina).

The Imam (ع) said to him:

عَلَيْكَ بِكَريمَـةِ اَهْـلِ الْبَيْتِ

“I advise you to go to the Karīmat (Noble One) of the Ahlul Bayt.”

He thought that by Karīmat Ahlul Bayt, the Imam (ع) was referring to Lady Fatima Zahra (ع), and so he answered, “Yes, I have been supplicating for this very purpose, so that I may know the exact place of the holy grave of this noble personality, enabling me to perform her pilgrimage.”

The Imam (ع) said, “I meant the holy grave of Lady Fatima Masooma (ع) in Qom.” Then the Imam (ع) added, “It is Allah’s desire that the location of the holy grave of Lady Fatima Zahra (ع) be hidden from everyone.”

Therefore, the Imam (ع) has placed the grave of Lady Fatima Masooma (ع) in place of the grave of Lady Fatima Zahra (ع), and so all the honor and grandeur that would have been accorded to the grave of Lady Fatima Zahra (ع) should be given to the grave of Lady Fatima Masooma (ع).

On waking from his dream, the late Mar`ashī made an intention to travel to Qom with his family, in order to perform the pilgrimage of Lady Fatima Masooma (ع) and he carried out this intention without any delay. 

[Zindagāni-ye Karimah-ye Ahl al-Bayt, p. 44.]


(Sayyida Masooma! on a night like this, how difficult it is to be so far from your embrace! so far from your fragrance – the fragrance of Sayyida Fatima tuz-Zahra! to be a child torn from her protector, a daughter yearning for her mother, but to be left grasping at air, the hollow separation of land and of sea…)