none for Abbas but Hussain

by Aqeela Naqvi

Imam Hussain was born on Shabaan 3rd, 4 AH.

his brother, Abbas, was born in the same month, 22 years later,
not before him, but the day after: Shabaan 4th.

Imam Hussain was brutally killed on Muharram 10th, 61 AH.

his brother, Abbas was murdered the same day,
not after him, but before: sacrificing his life to protect him.

Abbas, born after his brother.

Abbas, dying before his brother.

so there was never a moment he existed in this world when Hussain did not.

(so that this world did not exist for him if Hussain did not.)

the first face when Abbas opened his eyes?
and the last face before he closed his eyes forever…?

(for Abbas it was always one name – nothing before nor after;
his first and last whisper, one whisper… “Hussain.”)