Ali ibn Hussain ibn Ali (ع)

by Aqeela Naqvi

thinking of the son of Hussain (ع)

how he must have looked,
to an enemy falling to its knees in awe
as they watched, riding into the fray
the face of the Prophet of God

how he must have roared,
the majesty of a lion, son of lions
a single youth to an army of thousands:
who will come to face me, the grandson of Ali!

how he must have laughed,
do you know who it is you have challenged?
you who are nameless, speak my names and know
you have dared Ali ibn Hussain ibn Ali…

moving into an ocean of wolves
pushing forward with this cry:
while I live, they will not touch you,
your son will protect you, Abi…

how must have
fallen the sky
amidst streams of blood,
struck the final blade

and a father ran to a son,
“Aba adrikni…”

Ali al-Akbar (ع).

the spear that pierces you,
these thousand years
still pierces me…

*Abi – my father
*Aba adrikni – father, find me