by Aqeela Naqvi

karbala is the possessor of many tragic conversations. final prayers whispered under a bloody moon. final farewells wailed under an even bloodier sun.

but perhaps one of the most painful to imagine: what were the words of Sayyida Zaynab (sa) when the battle had ended and the dust had cleared, and she fell, embracing the broken, bloodied, beheaded body of her brother?

what were those screams, like shrapnels piercing the heart…

aa antal Hussain? aa anta yabna Ummi o Abbi?
aa anta Noor-e-Basari? aa anta Mohjat-e-Qalbi?

kya tum, Muhammad-e-Mustafa ke farzand? aur Ali o Fatima ke betay ho?
are you the child of Muhammad? are you the son of Ali and Fatima?

aa anta akhi? kya tum meray bhai ho? kya tum meray Hussain ho?

are you my brother?

are you my brother?

are you.. my Hussain?