your Ali

by Aqeela Naqvi

it’s long been a wish of mine
a wish that my eyes may see
standing underneath the sky
of Madina’s pure city

of your city i have dreamed
of your tranquil purity
that soul resting in your sands
RasoolAllah, Allah’s Nabi

in night-depths i lay awake
to my eyes whispers a dream
the sun’s fragrance in the rain
coolness of the moonlight’s gleam

aching hands grasping at stars
i walk weightless over seas
a green dome rises from afar,
i stand, your grave in front of me

how many words i wish to say!
wishes of my heart to free!
but comes to mind a single phrase
one thought brings me to my knees

no words worthy, like these words
no other words my tongue will speak
except: RasoolAllah, see what they’ve done…
what they have done to your Ali

did you not say: Ali is as was Haroon,
except there’s no Prophet after me?
was it not: Allah and you and the one
who gives in prayer are our Wali?

did you not say it time and time again?
at Ghadeer his arm raised did they not see?
did they not hear: for whoever I am Mawla,
his Mawla is none other than Ali ?

did not come this order from Allah
was not his Wilayah God’s decree
to declare this revealed by your Lord
or render your mission incomplete?

were not said the words of Thaqalayn?
were not two things each attached to each?
Ahlulbayt and the Quran
is not then Quran only with Ali?

in each moment of your life
public or in secrecy
was not one shoulder next to yours?
none but the shoulder of Ali?

when they pelted you with stones
when bled your feet on Ta’if’s streets
when murder plotted while you slept
was not your shield only Ali?

at the moment of your death
when all turned their backs to leave
who remained then by your side?
who gave your ghusl but Ali?

your soul had scarcely left this world
when were oppressed your family
enemies creeping like wolves
gath’ring in animosity

a game of leadership’s been made
though no prophet chosen by man had been
though never was absent a guide to God
mankind never left without this link

this link, the mirror of your soul
your branch and his – a single tree
to this bark a jagged axe
comes for the blood of your Ali

come and see RasoolAllah!
how he wanders through the streets
grief emptied in desert sands
secrets none can now set free

come and see RasoolAllah!
the blood from these eyes that streams
as they hear their Imam’s voice
the last call of Salooni…

if there is La saif illa dhulfiqaar!
and La fatah illah Ali!
…then why have they cut him with a sword?
why have they struck the head of your Ali?

come and see the spreading blood
how it flows upon his cheeks
how a voice from heaven calls
in Kufa, struck has been Ali!

come and see the face you kissed
the one cradled in infancy
how in his veins a poison pours,
turns pale the face of your Ali…

come and see, your Zaynab wails!
come and see, your Hassnain weep!
come and see, the orphans cry,
where is our father, where is Ali?!

come and see as one who loves you,
embraces your grave, her wrenching screams:

come and see RasoolAllah,
see what they’ve done to your Ali…