“the letters” by bint Ali

by Aqeela Naqvi

nearly two years ago, a friend shared a collection titled “The Letters” by bint Ali — a series of blog posts put together by an Anonymous Compiler.

one evening, The Letters arrived, bright and shiny my inbox, waiting to be read. but, as other pieces of mail began to pile in — reminders, school projects, deadlines — they were slowly pushed to the bottom of the screen, to the following page, and, eventually, to the abyss of the archives, where they gathered dust, untouched and unread . . . until tonight, when, having been struck with the sudden urge to clean out my inbox, i stumbled upon them once again.

from the moment i opened them, i read feverishly; from the first page til the end.

i do not have the words to describe how i feel upon finishing. it has been a long time since any piece of writing has broken my heart open in such a deep, honest way. and i find myself wanting to share it with others.

the first of the letters can be found here (and the rest can be read chronologically through the author’s blog). i am unable to attach the EPUB compilation to this post, but for any who are interested, please send me an email and i will be happy to forward it to you.

i regret that it took so long for these Letters to find their way to me, but what matters is that they did. and at a time when i needed them — more than i knew. to the author, thank you. and to those who may read, i pray that her words speak to you, as they did to me, in the way you need most. please keep the author in your duaas.