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everyone except us

hugo writes, “curiosity is a form of gluttony. to see is to devour.” few exist the cannibals of the flesh, but many the cannibals of the soul. many, who spend their evenings by the fireside, slavering over the slabs of a fellow man’s spirit, the blood of a fellow man’s struggle dripping from their lips. […]

burn the dead wood

one of the most important lessons i have learned in the past few years is this: do not make yourself small for anyone else. whether it is with friends, family, or in a romantic relationship – anyone who asks you to fold yourself into a smaller version of you so that they feel more comfortable, […]

“why do you never find anything written about that idiosyncratic thought you advert to, about your fascination with something no one else understands? because it is up to you. there is something you find interesting, for a reason hard to explain. it is hard to explain because you have never read it on any page; […]

my life will only rise as high as the people i choose to live it with. i must not choose to spend my days, wandering valleys. i must choose mountains. i must choose air. i must choose the taste of flight.

nothing but beauty

ya Zaynab, the time has come to bid Hussain farewell horrors to pass the rising of a bloody moon foretells ya Zaynab, how shall i say what’s to come tomorrow? creeping to the desert’s shores are crimson waves of sorrow ya Zaynab, with what words can i say what heartbreak is yet to happen on […]

the smallest acts

there have been times an infant this has shown that age does not define how much you know the wisdom that we look for in the skies is oft found in the youngest child’s cries there have been times without having to speak servants of God managed the greatest deeds unrecognized by servants of this […]

sweeter than honey

the meeting of swords, the clashing of souls brought by dawn after silence of night thousands who fight for darkness to prevail— less than one hundred warriors of the light the tenth of Muharram on Karbala’s sands a battle this morning has bloodily raged a few hours the length of centuries seems a grief by […]

o eyes, shed your tears

O eyes shed your tears Muharram’s moon has turned in these days Hussain’s blood is spilled— the tents of Zaynab burned O eyes shed your tears the caravan arrives soon will the sands redden with blood— the children’s gasping cries O eyes shed your tears a battle now will rage a noble band of few […]

the secret

the world still craves to know the secret spoken by Hussain that changed the heart of one such as Zuhayr the son of Qayn what was it that was spoken in the silence of that tent that changed a wary man into a man wholly content? when just moments ago, Zuhayr had in this act […]

tell me,

tell me, o heart: in distance – can you ever be at ease again? tell me, o soul, can anything else ever taste as sweet again? tell me, o wings of destiny, when will i smell the fragrance of heaven again? when will i see my Hussain again?