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the secret

Posted on September 21, 2017

the world still craves to know the secret spoken by Hussain that changed the heart of one such as Zuhayr the son of Qayn   what was it that was spoken in the silence of that tent that changed a wary man into a man wholly content?   when just moments ago, Zuhayr had in this act persisted: where Hussain lay his camp, Zuhayr would lay his at a distance   two caravans had found their paths by destiny were crossed yet one hid from the other steering clear at any cost   til finally the noble son, the heir of Thaqalayn dispatched a message for Zuhayr, the simple son of Qayn   with one who had avoided him, Hussain now wished to speak…

your Ali

Posted on June 16, 2017

it’s long been a wish of mine a wish that my eyes may see standing underneath the sky of Madina’s pure city   of your city I have dreamed of your tranquil purity that soul resting in your sands RasoolAllah, Allah’s Nabi   in night-depths I lay awake to my eyes whispers a dream the sun’s fragrance in the rain coolness of the moonlight’s gleam   aching hands grasping at stars I walk weightless over seas green dome, rising from afar, your grave stands in front of me   how many words I wish to say! wishes of my heart to free! comes only a single phrase one thought brings me to my knees   no words worthy, like these words no other words…

some days

Posted on November 8, 2016

some days, I walk down the street like everyone else     bundling my coat close to my neck waiting for the stoplight to turn “some weather we’re having” “isn’t that right” “in my day, autumn was never this chilly”   some days, I go through the motions   scribbling my name hastily across a paper filling in bubbles, a code I can’t decipher “as you can see in figure a” “so this study clearly shows” which is better, one or two one or two one or two one or two— one or—   some days, I give in to forgetting   a whisper in my ear says, there is enough time – just rest my nails, chipped, ragged there are still many years to go splintered edges against rawed stone you…

the aftermath

Posted on October 13, 2016

your face haunts my every dream.   I wake from the fragrance of your embrace to the scent of fire and weeping—   to the wailing of flowing rivers, rivers of flowing blood.     “And think not Allah to be heedless of what the unjust ones do. He only respites them to a day when their eyes shall be fixed open [staring up with terror].”  – The Holy Quran, 14:42 –

Hurr, who chose to be free

Posted on October 4, 2016

light is breaking its way through gentle night with the reddened tones of a blood sunrise through the tents of Hussain on Ashura a morning breeze in deep sorrow sighs   those who’ve just spent the night in prayer prepare now to face the battle call bidding farewell to the ones they love their words, La ila ha illAllah   on the other side of the desert plain an enemy is preparing now for war amongst them is seated a man named Hurr a different battle waging at his core   what is this he is hearing around him? what is this he has heard the soldiers say? who is this they are planning to kill – planning now the murder of al-Hussain?   as if…

warriors + poets

Posted on September 3, 2016

once, there walked amongst us warriors.   we caught our breath when we witnessed the unyielding strength of their brows. we felt our hearts marked when we met the noble glint of their gaze. we fell to our knees as before our very eyes, the magnificence of lions stepped into the fray.   once, there breathed amongst us poets. what was dead in us began to blossom when we drank the elixir of life dripping in their words. what was fettered in us broke free when they taught us to raise our hands in prayer. what was long silent in us began to sing, as they whispered to us the secrets of the sky.   once, we walked alongside warriors, responding to the oppressed’s battle cry:…