the Prophet of God

from the creation of the first man, Adam, God sent 124,000 Prophets to each place on earth to teach humanity about His religion; to guide them all to a single path – a path of morality, patience, justice, beauty, and submission to the will of an all-Merciful, all-Forgiving Lord.

from Adam to Nuh (Noah) to Ibrahim (Abraham) to Ismail (Ishmael) to Yaqub (Jacob) to Yusuf (Joseph) to Musa (Moses) to Dawud (David) to Sulayman (Solomon) to Zakkariya (Zachariah) to Yahya (John) to Isa (Jesus)… to finally, the last in the progeny of Abraham, the seal of the Prophets, Muhammad.

Muslim or not, it is impossible to deny that what Muhammad managed to accomplish – a simple man, born and raised in the desert of Arabia, sent by God to revive a community barren at its core, entrapped by tribal warfare and cultural backwardness…

for this one man to have single-handedly revived the dead hearts of thousands; to have awakened the minds of so many from the slumber of ignorance; to have urged each individual to cast off cultural fetters for intellectual liberation; to have constantly uplifted the poor, the destitute, the widow, the orphan; to have had to, for many years, preach in secrecy to protect the lives of his followers – in the dead of night advocating for society’s disenfranchised and oppressed members while, with character and words, undermining its powerful and oppressive leaders…

to have done all of this? to have established a political, intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual empire – and then to not walk the earth in pompousness and pride, but to, in every moment, rest his head upon the soil saying, I am nothing but a servant of God. This is for You O Lord, all of this for You…

ya Muhammad. who are you? how did your feet rest on the same earth as us? how did the mountains not fall to the ground as you walked by, humbled by your greatness?

the more i hear about you, the more i am left in awe. the more my heart cries out ya RasoolAllah… how much sweat have you given, how much have you toiled to spread this message? how much blood spilled from the top of your head to the soles of your feet… but still you pushed on, giving your entire life so we might awaken from our living deaths?

“Once Islam was a boy named David with a sling facing an army led by Goliath. Once Islam was an Abraham who had to leave his wife and child in the desert, and no one else, and out of them, look what came. Once Islam was Moses abandoned to the river. Once Islam was the Noah who knew the flood was coming, but no one would listen. Once Islam was Jesus, turned on by his own, who will come back to save us, because He loved Muhammad and we belong to Muhammad…

Once Islam was Muhammad, stoned and bleeding.

Shall I destroy them, Gabriel asked?

No, he said, his heart bursting with love. No, no, always no.”

in the face of death and torture, still you continued, speaking, embracing, inviting with kindness. praying in the middle of the night, your feet swollen from standing, your tears falling, grieved that we might be guided, desperate that we might be saved. thinking, always thinking, of the betterment of humanity.

thinking of those who believed in you, and those who didn’t. thinking of the welfare of all. thinking of us. looking out across the sands, and seeing as if in a vision on the horizon – a people, a thousand years later: seekers of truth. defenders of justice. guardians of peace. lovers of One, the one and only God.

how much pain did you bear for us, that we might find the path from darkness into light?

how much did you sacrifice for us, O Prophet of God?

and how little have we sacrificed for you?

the magic of this personality: centuries later, he is still alive. the more i hear about him – the more i wish to be like to be like him, to see the world through his eyes, to hear with his hearing, to perfect my moral character, to sharpen my intellect, to awaken the spirit, to reach through the veils of this physical illusion and transcend into that metaphysical reality… to search for, and to find, in every act, in every moment: God.

always, only God.