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leaving you,

Posted on August 10, 2015

the time has come for me to part from the sands that whisper your names. the lands where your beautiful bodies lay. the dust whose sweet fragrance winds its way through my dreams. the time has come, but my feet have forgotten how to leave. and my tongue has forgotten how to speak. when I came toward you, I ran. when I saw you, songs of love came flowing from my mouth. but now? now, though time demands that my feet move away from you, they remain still. and though the clock’s chimes dictate words of farewell, only silence rests on my tongue. I take a step away from your grave but my feet are pulled forward again. I begin to whisper, ‘I must…

to see the ones i love

Posted on July 1, 2015

“Wouldn’t you want to see the ones you love?” As I sit in my room packing my suitcase and checking things off scrambled lists, this question, articulated at many a dinner-table discussion by my dad, echoes through my brain. I will soon be leaving InshaAllah (God-willing) to visit for the first time the holy lands in Iraq and Iran where, among others, Prophets Adam and Noah, and the descendants of Prophet Muhammad are buried — not only some of the most respected figures in Islam, but also the greatest revolutionaries — social, moral, political, intellectual, spiritual, and otherwise – to have left their marks on human history. When great spirits live, there is a certain energy that draws others to them like a magnet.…