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from every mountain top

Posted on October 25, 2016

To think – of our names, on your tongue…when the sins that weigh on our backs, the shadows that whisper in our hearts, make us unworthy of even speaking yours. Of ever claiming you as ours. But to think, when we whisper, “Mawla Hussain, we are here,” standing next to your body… to think, that you respond? Knowing every curve of every letter of our names? The heart stops. It still baffles my mind that to this lost traveler, so far gone from the path, wandering in a thickening fog, you still extended your hand. You still invited to stand by your side. How can I ever thank you for saving me? How can I ever thank my Lord for attaching my heart to you – allowing…

your love, from the streets, openly

Posted on October 6, 2016

For Shi’as in too many parts of the world, any type of public gathering is a risk. Whether in mourning or in happiness, the constant threat of murder is employed in an effort to silence the remembrance of Prophet Muhammad and his family. In an effort to erase the most beautiful piece of human history. Tactics of terror are put in place in the hopes that those who know and love these individuals will not only shy away from spreading stories of their message or speaking about their legacy… but will also hesitate, even when naming their children – knowing that a name that would reveal the depth of their love and affinity for the Prophet’s family might one day result in the stopping of a bus, a random ID…

whispered lessons from the dust of Najaf

Posted on August 24, 2016

is there any heartache for which i can lay out my heart that you do not already know, my Lord? is there any grief for which i can weep that you do not already know, my Lord? is there any separation wrought wound for which i can cry out in pain that you do not already know, my Lord?   (so then, how can any of these remain, when i know that you know, O Lord?)

the Prophet of God

Posted on June 23, 2016

from the creation of the first man, Adam, God sent 124,000 Prophets to each place on earth to teach humanity about His religion; to guide them all to a single path – a path of morality, patience, justice, beauty, and submission to the will of an all-Merciful, all-Forgiving Lord. from Adam to Nuh (Noah) to Ibrahim (Abraham) to Ismail (Ishmael) to Yaqub (Jacob) to Yusuf (Joseph) to Musa (Moses) to Dawud (David) to Sulayman (Solomon) to Zakkariya (Zachariah) to Yahya (John) to Isa (Jesus)… to finally, the last in the progeny of Abraham, the seal of the Prophets, Muhammad. Muslim or not, it is impossible to deny that what Muhammad managed to accomplish – a simple man, born and raised in the desert of Arabia, sent by God to…


Posted on March 20, 2016

In this entire universe, in this vastly exploding conglomeration of planets and galaxies and stars, there is one – only one – you. How beautiful is that? You are a wonder that has never existed before and will never exist again. You are a masterpiece. Each one of us is our own masterpiece. …So then, why do we spend so much time trying to become an imitation? Why do we spend so much time comparing ourselves to other people – how they look or dress or act or speak; constantly degrading ourselves through comparisons and wishes to change the shape of this or slim down that, to have his or her hair or body or face or hands or demeanor or everything other than…

our way through fire

Posted on May 31, 2015

millennia ago, when the world was a younger place in the heavens, a human being was created from clay a being of sinew and flesh and stardust and bone a being that would, in time, call this Earth its home.   the Lord said, ‘I will create a vicegerent on Earth.’ the angels replied, ‘what reason is there for this birth? will you place there one who would only shed blood? make mischief and pollute clear rivers with mud? who would fight hard and lie and from others steal? who would cry out and cheat and innocents kill? who You’ll make, yet heedless will be their praise while we celebrate and glorify your Holy Names?’   all of the angel’s concerns, God already knew…

fragrance of the found

Posted on July 16, 2013

“O God, what did find who lost you? And what did he lose who found you?” -Hussain ibn Ali (a)   I’ve heard whispered tales of a flower in a slumbering wood Whose tears did fall when the world’s weight it understood Drowning in the haze of fairytales, countless once upon a times Of knights bright in shining armor, women with beauty refined   Too weakened by shadows, roots shaken by each passerby So it learned to prick hands that either crushed, or at its beauty did sigh Its strength tested, soon took its bent stem as a sign of defeat Was told once its petals would fall, would turn man into beast   Lost and confused, turned for answers to a wise, olden…