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the sun always rises

Posted on February 25, 2016

There are questions to be asked (what, where, why) there are heart-knots to be unraveled (should I, can I, will I) there are puzzles to be deciphered (how will, who will, when will) – and there are answers to be given. But the truth – a truth I am still struggling to learn – is that we will never be able to hear the answers if, before they’re given, we already decide on answers of our own. If, at twilight, we come upon a vast forest and throw up our hands in defeat deciding it can never be crossed; if we turn to leave, not knowing – had we waited a moment longer for the sun to rise, we would’ve seen that there was…

guardians of the green

Posted on July 12, 2013

I lay beneath the cover of trees, the day warm against my skin…watching glimpses of sunlight make their way across the leaves, flecks striking branches as they dance together, swaying in the breeze. My hand finds a root splayed tenderly beneath my arm, and I’m struck suddenly with the strangeness of it all. That these holders of secrets, silent, ancient, should stand gazing upon the years—upon us—soldiers, perpetually on their watch. Towering figures forced to contemplate the whims of men, to watch as children feign themselves warriors and chase shadows in the dark. How they must laugh at the king’s strut which fumbles when meeting a risen root, a tower so easily toppled… Gladiators, who find themselves prisoners of men who see bark only…