Exhibit: The Steps of Imam Hussain

It is the day of Ashura. After performing morning amaal with the Muharram in Manhattan community at NYU, I board a bus to New Jersey - to Bait-Wali-ul-Asr: the Islamic center of my childhood and the community closest to my heart, with whom over two decades of my Ashuras have been spent. As I journey,… Continue reading Exhibit: The Steps of Imam Hussain

the Prophet of God

from the creation of the first man, Adam, God sent 124,000 Prophets to each place on earth to teach humanity about His religion; to guide them all to a single path - a path of morality, patience, justice, beauty, and submission to the will of an all-Merciful, all-Forgiving Lord. from Adam to Nuh (Noah) to Ibrahim (Abraham) to… Continue reading the Prophet of God